Reshade running twice on hdr rdr2

6 months 3 weeks ago - 6 months 3 weeks ago #1 by Spitfire
Reshade running twice on hdr rdr2 was created by Spitfire
So this is the only time that this has happened to me so reshade runs twice. When I open reshade or toggle it my shaders are applied twice to the game. This only happens when running rdr2 in hdr mode. Some times I am able to get two different windows for reshade when spamming the button that opens reshade window and a funny thing that I realized is that eventhough my game is using vulkan api and it is displayed correctly for the first reshade window the other one is showing that I am using dx. I guess this has something to do with hdr but I cannot figure it out. If there is anyone that knows a way to solve this problem I would appreciate it highly. Other thing that I found out is that when I use mouse while changing setting in reshade the mouse is also affecting game, moving the camera while in sdr mode I never had this problem.

The thing is that in the past I never touched hdr because in this game it felt flat and washed out so this reshade copy problem never existed for me. But I found settings for the hdr calibration that look just perfect for me and I really would like to find a way to solve this problem cheers!
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