Borderlands TPS not launching with Reshade (same installation with BL2 works)

4 months 6 days ago - 4 months 6 days ago #1 by JViper
I am going through the same exact steps with BLTPS as with BL2, yet I simply cannot open TPS with Reshade. When I try to open Reshade inside the game, the menu simply does not pop up. BL2 works great though.
I am launching both games through Steam. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times.
I am also trying to run BLCMM with some mods. BL2 works great with both Reshade and BLCMM. TPS works with only BLCMM, not with Reshade.

Edit: Reinstalling the game and running without making any changes to the settings will once again enable Reshade. However, when I change the default settings, Reshade no longer works in the game. So unless I want to play at low res full screen, something in the settings is incompatible with Reshade. Also tried changing the settings manually from the WillowEngine file, but no success. I did not encounter this problem with BL2, only TPS.
Last edit: 4 months 6 days ago by JViper.

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