Monolith (pixel-art shooter running on d3d9) will not load reshade.

3 months 3 weeks ago #1 by markiej (running the steam version)

I have a decent amount of experience with reshade, and have had success with other d3d9 games.  I have tried the following:
  • renaming d3d9.dll to dxdg.dll / d3d11.dll / etc
  • using an injector (Ultimate-ASI-Loader and ENBInjector)
  • running as administrator
  • installing directx90c
  • a mix and match of all of the above.
I am fully stumped, and it's a game that no one but a loon like me would run reshade for - so searches came up empty.

Any help would be super appreciated!  Thanks for your time either way!


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3 months 2 weeks ago #2 by crosire
The demo of the game is an executable that self-extracts itself into a temporary directory and then relaunches from there, and therefore ReShade won't be loaded (since it's not installed to the executable in that temporary directory, but the original one). You can just extract the game manually though (open the Monolith.exe with e.g. 7-Zip and extract it) and then install ReShade to the new Monolith.exe you get from doing so. With that I get ReShade to load as expected (as d3d9.dll).
I'm assuming the Steam version behaves similar.

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