Reshade prevents Teknoparrot keys from working

2 months 3 weeks ago #1 by houdini
I finally got let's go jungle island of spice working with the reshade white borders for my sinden.
However after setup, none of the keys that are mapped to in the Teknoparrot controller setup function.
I've uninstalled reshade and verified the keys work.
As soon as I setup the borders in reshade and restart the game, the keys don't work.
Any idea what might be causing this?

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2 months 2 weeks ago #2 by Almodo
First: Hi!

Unfortunately, I can't help you with this question right now but maybe we can still exchange some valuable information on that particular game.

My main question would be: How exactly did you manage to have Reshade work with "Let's go Jungle"? Can you give me a quick guide on that maybe?

The main reason I'm asking is because there are, as you may know, two versions of this game, the "normal" version and the "Special" version.

The special version accepts the Sinden border so no need for Reshade but it somehow has inferior graphics. Compare the movement of the spiders in the normal and the Special versions - the normal version is much smoother, to my eye at least.

Have you tried the Special version? Thank you for reading this and maybe you can help me set up my border for the normal version, then I can try myself and of course tell you my experience with it on.
See you!

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