reshade menu crashes my game

2 months 1 week ago #1 by niahealy
reshade menu crashes my game was created by niahealy
hi guys,
so I recently installed Reshade to my sims 4 game but I've been having a lot of issues. prior to a few reinstalls, I could open my game, it gave me the little box that says I have reshade in my game and would get to the main menu where I proceeded to shift + f2 to open my reshade menu. everything seemed fine until I tried to click settings, whereupon clicking it instantly closed my game. I deleted and reinstalled reshade a couple of times but now when i load up my game and get to the main menu and click shift + f2, it instantly closes my game. no pop-up of the menu or anything. no error messages. no nothing. my game opens and runs fine when I don't try to do anything with reshade, but as soon as it does it crashes.

I've tried renaming the file, reinstalling about 10 times and I have windows DirectX 12 installed

any help would be very much appreciated, I was really looking forward to this but nothing seems to work and it's making me very sad.
thank you in advance! :)

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