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TOPIC: FO4 dxgi.dll and ENB issue

FO4 dxgi.dll and ENB issue 2 months 1 week ago #1

I've searched the internet for an answer to my problems before posting here, but I can't find anything that addresses the combined issue--I know that FO4 not launching when there is a dxgi.dll file in the root folder is a known issue. And I know that changing the name to d3d11.dll will solve that issue and allow ReShade to run just fine. The problem is that I'm attempting to run *both* ReShade and ENB. Either will work correctly if the dll is named d3d11, but I *cannot* get them both to run. I've tried running ReShade as a proxy through ENB and also tried tried using ENB's Injector for both--no matter which I try to inject or what name I use for the second dll (I've tried d3d9.dll despite this not being a DirectX9 game, ReShade64.dll, enbseries.dll, and other_d3d11.dll), the game will not launch at all using these methods. I fully understand that the issue here is not actually with ReShade itself; it's with the my computer's refusal to run FO4 with a dxgi.dll file in the root folder, and I know that a lot of people obviously *don't* have this issue. My video card is a GeForce GTX 960M, if that's at all relevant. I'm just hoping that someone has either figured out a solution to the actual problem here or at least a work around that I haven't tried that actually works.
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