Shadows follow Camera Movement

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Hello community,

I recently dug out Skyrim once again, and applied some mods. They look good and work like a charm
even on my rather aged system. But what is a game without ReShade eh?

So I installed version 4.3.0 for Direct X 9 to it and here the trouble starts:
Whenever I move trough the world or look around with the mouse all shadows casted, follow my movement away from the objects they getting casted from. And sometimes my silhouette stays frozen in a shadow that moves with me.

Video Example (Not my footage):
Scroll 1 Minute in to see what i mean!

I read this thread:
and thisone:
But it does not work for me since i don't use ENB (don't even know what it is exactly)!

Tojkar's reply from this thread:
seems to explain why that is probably, but since this post is almost 1 year old I thought there is a possibility that this is fixed meanwhile.

Can someone please help me get rid of my problem in any way? I mean even if i have to do without ReShade would be okay when i get an alternative to work that is capable of doing AA (SMAA) and things like Sharpening, Curves/Layers and Vibrance.

The problem occurs as soon as ReShade is applied to the game, no matter if any effect is put to work or not!
I use Windows 7 and an Nvidia Graphicscard (Newest drivers). If you need more info to help me, just let me know!

Thanks in advance
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Replied by crosire on topic Shadows follow Camera Movement
Check "Disable replacement with INTZ format" on the D3D9 tab in ReShade GUI.
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