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TOPIC: Deband

Deband 4 months 1 day ago #101

I meant i used 2.0 version of this debanding script. I used reshade 4.3, but it is not working for some reason and i did it exactly like from that post. I can't use madvr, i am using already svp pro and it is to demanding.
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Deband 4 months 23 hours ago #102

@JPulowski. Got it, we'll wait for that, so.

About the values for the very high preset, based on my tests, I think we could work with these ones as starting point: Average and Middle threshold something around 6 and the Maximum threshold around 10.

Here there's the difference between "high" (left) and my custom preset (right), which takes away some details in normal games, but should offer better debanding on gradient based ones.

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Deband 3 months 4 weeks ago #103

Again how do i install this for mpc please. I used enb injector and from that tutorial they used reshade 1.0 or 1.1 with sweetfx 2.0. Default shaders worked, but code i copied from this site - version 2.0 of deband script, i named it deband.h as other files in sweetfx folder\shaders had also appendix .h and than i added into sweetfx_settings.txt use_deband 1. But it didn't work. I now tried using reshade 4.3 with SweetFX_1_5-23364 and it doesn't work either. But problem is some files in mpc folder after installing reshade 4.3, which are also in sweetfx folder were already there. So i than added only files which weren't there from SweetFX_1_5-23364 folder afterwards, to not overwrite it. But i am unsure how to install this together. Since there is no turorial how to install reshade 4.3 with SweetFX_1_5-23364. I only found that with 1.1 reshade, which was bundle with sweetfx already. I have banding and it is annoying and shaders i found for mpc doesn't work well, this was my last hope. And as i said only putting reshade32.dll and reshade.fx with code didn't work for me. I found only some tutorial for sweetfx 2.0 and reshade 3.0 and i have no sweet.fx file in SweetFX_1_5-23364 folder. Btw what is newer sweetfx 2.0 or SweetFX_1_5-23364, because i read this is latest version - SweetFX_1_5-23364. So what version should i use for this deband shader 2.0 to be working.

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